H. H. Borscht

We developed the H. H. Borscht with Chef Alex at Lago 210. This sausage has a lot of ingredients that you would put into a borscht stew. It gets it’s beautiful color from red beets that we add along with local NY potatoes, and Dill Sauerkraut from Barrel N Brine. It also has garlic, all spice, black pepper in it as well with the tiniest bit of a house made peperivka using dried cayenne peppers from Crown Hill Farm and vodka from Lockhouse Distillery. This sausage is not spicy at all, the peperivka just adds some flavor to it. All of the profits from this sausage and our Smoked Kovbasa will go towards Ukrainian Refugees.

What does the H. H. stand for?

We decided to name this wonderful sausage after Ukrainian activist and former parliament member Hanna Hopko.

Hanna Hopko

This amazing lady has stayed in Ukraine to help fight off the Russian invasion of her home country. She is a much braver and courageous person than everyone at this company combined. We first heard about her on a NPR interview You can find it here. She helped inspire us even more to know we have to give in someway to help Ukraine in some way or another. Hanna is such an amazing mother that she got her daughter a guinea pig while her country was in preparing for a potential invasion. I feel like most parents whose child would want a animal in a time like that would say no, or once the invasion commenced abandon the pet. Not Hanna she still has the pet while helping defend her country. She also one of the leaders of the Euromaiden Revolution, which helped overthrow a Ukrainian government that did not have Ukraine’s best interest at heart. Ukraine wouldn’t be as independent as it is today if it wasn’t for amazing people like Hanna Hopko, we hope you follow her and support Ukraine in this difficult time.

A borscht sausage dish at Lago 210